Jake Fleming

Jake Fleming is a musician, educator, composer, producer and staple in the community of Bozeman, Montana. At the age of 15, he knew music was the path of his vocation. At age 18 he left home to learn as much about music as he could. Jake is still on that journey. 

He works tirelessly on the stage, in the studio and alongside his students in an effort to make art and serve humanity in the styles of jazz, classical, rock, pop, R&B, Motown, soul, funk, hip hop, country, chill groove and spiritual. 

Jake holds a Bachelor of Music Education from Montana State University and is nearing completion of a Masters in Music Production from the Berklee School of Music. Over the past 30 years he has collectively taught in public school and university while running a private teaching studio. 

Until 2012, Jake co-spearheaded a 16 year music with vocalist Jeni Fleming, touring and recording albums. Since then Jake has been experimenting with setting music to classic texts such as the Tao Te Ching, Shakespeare’s Sonnets, using yoga sequences and breathing to derive song form and tempo and writing and recording a child/parent album. He currently works as a freelance musician and is an active member of The Tiny Band (a hardworking party band) and Pinky and the Floyd (a Pink Floyd tribute). 

In the production lane, Jake has been making albums for 20 years of varied instrumentation from singer-songwriter to jazz with an orchestra as well as remote projects, such as Cubusa, a collaboration between Montana and Cuban musicians. Specializing in diversity has allowed Jake to influence and inspire musicians young and old musicians on their life and musical paths. In various musical arrangements Jake has opened for Dave Brubeck, played with Huey Lewis, shared the stage with Herbie Hancock, Pharrell Williams and Michael Gioccino at the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts. 

“I've been working with Jake Fleming as a producer, engineer, co-writer and teacher for over two years. When I began the journey of recording my music, I was hoping for an artistic collaborator. With Jake, I found someone willing, able and excited to wade into the unknown with me. His process is equal parts technician, teacher, artist and guide and I'm forever grateful to have found a collaborator and friend to make music with.“  - Justin Bigart 

Jake is also a proud and devoted father and husband.