Jake Fleming

Born December 24, 1973, Jake is a musician, educator, composer and producer. A resident of Bozeman, MT since 1992 he has become a staple in the community as a musician and educator. A saxophonist, bassist and guitarist, he has worked with most of the local professional musicians in one capacity or another playing jazz, rock, blues, folk, and classical styles. A graduate of MSU Bozeman's School of Music, Jake taught publicly for 4 years until deciding that private music education was a better fit with the amount of writing, performing and producing he desired. Specializing in diversity has allowed Jake to influence and inspire countless young musicians on their life and musical paths. His ability to teach to the individual has granted him a wealth of opportunity to share his practice and lifetime musical study, making him a go to in the Bozeman community. Jake’s music is also featured in the Jeni Fleming Trio, with which he worked for 16 years sharing a musical career with former wife Jeni Fleming, resulting in national tours and 7 albums. Jake is also a voting member of The Recording Academy.

In addition to his devotion to music, Jake studies and practices Buddhist, Taoist and Yogic thought, action and non-action. He also teaches yoga and fuses music with philosophical interests. As a study, he set Stephen Mitchell’s translation of the Tao Te Ching to music resulting in 81 songs. Jake has also set many of Shakespeare’s sonnets to music. This is an ongoing project that will eventually result in all of Shakespeare’s sonnets being set to music, 154 songs. He also has a catalog of over 50 of original songs. and continues to produce instrumental music such as the albums Atmananda and Dancing Roots (a collaboration with Pablo Llambias Carter).

Currently Jake is working on a concept album about Earth. The album is meant to span generations, appealing to children and growing on adults like adult songs do. Each song focuses on a major geographical feature of Earth, i.e. “In The Sky”, “Mountain”, “River”. The order of the tracks follows the path of water from the sky to the ocean. With 4-6 minute tracks, Earth Is My Home offers the opportunity to be with the track and that particular feature of Earth for a while as compared to other music geared for children with track lengths of 1-3 minutes.

Jake is the owner of Flick the Fly Productions, his business which provides all of his musical and educational services. The Shed is the physical space and musical work/playground of FTF. Full of instruments and gear, the Shed houses a recording studio and rehearsal space where Jake produces recordings, commercials, teaches and rehearses with his bands. Jake also composes, practices and produces at home where he can be close to his wife Crystal and their daughter, Betty Gita.